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a way to explore thoughts, usually first thing in the morning.


life without God
(life has always been
without God,
but the mistake
was massive)
requires a decision:
do i want to live
or not?
no God
no pre-ordained purpose.
life without inherent meaning.
that’s a toughie.
yes or no?
let’s start with
the mystery of what
comes after;
leaping into
the unknown void—
what’s the rush?
even if it’s
the nothingness
of returning
the body’s atoms
back to the cosmos
that supplied them
in the first place;
what’s the rush?
this may be
the only slice of time
in which we exist
as a self-aware consciousness;
why throw that away
in haste?
no matter how much
this bit of existence
may hurt or confuse,
flipping the switch
to “off”
is an act of finality
never to be undone.
how easy to pretend
a happy heaven awaits,
but that’s just
giving up.
living honestly
without God:
life at its fullest.
life at its most terrifying.

T.A. Barnhart