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a way to explore thoughts, usually first thing in the morning.

twenty-four may

no one has
explained to me
why i should give
one good goddamn
about any other
human being.
sure, there’s a
type of caring
grounded in
my own self-interest,
but i can do that
without the slightest
bit of compassion
or even sympathy.
just be decent enough
to get
what i need.
if anyone believes
i should care more
about my fellow humans,
why, then,
do my fellow humans
make it so easy
for me to not
give a shit
about them?
i am simply
kind for kind.
i’ve been abandoned
to my poverty
and loneliness,
and on one lifts
a finger
or spares a thought
to my needs.
i understand
what i am being told:

fuck all you, too.

T.A. Barnhart