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a way to explore thoughts, usually first thing in the morning.

nine may

i want to make my secrets known,
but nobody cares
nobody listens.
i walk the streets
talking out loud like a crazy person,
except my words aren’t detached ramblings;
they are my humiliations,
my fears
my demands
my wishes
my resentments
my clever ideas you should really pay attention to
and even the ugly thoughts
i can’t avoid because i’m human.
i am not a crazy person,
not like you think of crazy people.
(see: i’m clean and well-dressed.
my grammar, too, is immaculate.
didn’t you notice?)
i may not be fully rational, 
or even the person you want to hear from,
but i am the bearer of precious gifts.
if you turn your head,
ignore me,
and walk away,
you may lose the best gift
you could ever receive.
or you might spare yourself that bother.

T.A. Barnhart