Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


you never know
when you’ve going to write
the best thing you will ever write
in your whole life.
you never know
when you’re going to live
the best day of your entire life.
you never know
when this right now
is your last right now,
although, in some circumstances,
you may have your suspicions:
the car coming right at you,
your chest exploding in pain,
the hopeless thought “oh crap”.
you never know
when it will become true:
“if i should die before i wake…”.
and you may decide
this is the moment you choose
to turn off the switch,
but you won’t know
what comes next.
i don’t know
what this day will become.
i have fears, hopes, guesses;
but i don’t know.
that puts
all the power
in my hands.

©TA Barnhart November 18, 2020